Remote Humanities

Meet the Online Pedagogy Assistants

Meet Katie Bevil! They’re a UChicago 2020 grad who’s returning for their Master’s in Humanities this year. They studied Theater and French, and are passionate about accessibility and language learning. They’re very excited to work with you and be of help however possible!



Jennifer Jenson is a PhD student in the Department of Germanic Studies. At UChicago, she has taught German courses both face to face and remotely. Prior to coming to UChicago, Jennifer taught stand-alone courses and served as a course assistant at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and at Brigham Young University. She is particularly interested in student motivation, classroom communities, and inclusive teaching.


Bonnie Tucker is a Research Specialist in the Dean’s Office at the University of Chicago. Bonnie has been a member of the Humanities Division’s Fall 2020 Instructional Working Group, and has been helping to coordinate online teaching preparations in the Division. Bonnie has a PhD in English and Education from the University of Michigan, and her dissertation examined college students’ experiences in online writing courses. Bonnie has taught college writing courses for 9 years at Saint Mary’s College, the University of Michigan, and MacCormac College. She is interested in social engagement in online courses and methods of enacting social justice pedagogy.

Brandy C. Williams (she/they) is a Ph.D. student in English Language and Literature. As a graduate researcher, they work on early modern critical race studies with emphasis on Black Feminist theory. Additionally, Brandy is especially interested in feminist and antiracist pedagogy and looking at the ways that early modern English literature can offer insights into cultivating empathy and compassion in literature and composition classrooms. Their goal is to continue to cultivate classroom environments that empower and support students who belong to marginalized identity groups, particularly BIPOC and LGBTQ+ students. Outside of academic pursuits, Brandy serves as Senior Content Advisor for The Fall Line, a podcast dedicated to amplifying cases involving marginalized peoples who often don’t get the time and resources they need to see their much-due justice.